This was originally posted on larryanderson.org and is being posted here as a backup.

Second update (2022-06-15): Jason has responded.

Update (2022-05-31): Jason is apparently OK, although he hasn't surfaced. Someone on the social media platform he runs, 10Centuries, reached out to one of Jason's colleagues and received confirmation of that.

For those of us who know Jason Irwin, otherwise known as @-matigo, uncertainty is a thing right now. He's been missing from the Internet for three days now, and for a guy who usually posts multiple times a day, it's odd, to say nothing of disconcerting. I'm hoping there's a non-dramatic explanation, but every day that passes increases the likelihood that something has happened to him.

Given that he's in Japan, and most of us are not, there's really no way to check on him. And for us who are also customers, who have our own online presences hosted on his platform, the uncertainty is increased.

The possibilities are several. Perhaps he's ill. Perhaps he was in a accident. Maybe he was arrested for some reason. Whatever the truth is, if he doesn't reappear, at some point the bills won't get paid, the Internet connection will cease, and content will be lost.

If you're reading this on 10Centuries, I strongly suggest you download your data, whether or not you know what to do with it right now. And while everyone will make their own choices, until Jason reappears this will be my last blog post here. I'm testing the write.as platform and will be blogging there at blog.larand.net.

I hope he's OK. I hope there's an explanation that doesn't involve illness, injury, or death. But right now, it's red alert time. Don't wait until it's too late to find the lifeboats.

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