Regarding the hearings...

Posted this last night on the birdsite:

Not watching you-know-what right now, not because I don't care, but because I have the horrible fear that none of it will make any difference, and I'm not sure my blood pressure can take it.

I did follow along on Twitter—the hashtag #HATH (Historians at the Hearings) was tremendously useful in this regard.

That said, there's a significant portion of the country that has its own alternate version of reality (otherwise known as lies and fantasies). Nothing shown last night is likely to sway them, and the media isn't helping. ABC News had Chris Christie on to provide commentary and cast doubt on the whole thing afterward, and of course Fox News didn't even bother to show it.

We're less than five months away from the midterms. We'll know then if any of this will make a difference.

I fear it won't.

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